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Scientific Portfolio


Performs research to prevent and treat disease caused by bacterial threat agents; studies the genetics, physiology, pathogenesis, and immunology of these agents and their host systems; provides technical support for preclinical and clinical trials; and collaborates with partners inside and outside the Institute to evaluate novel vaccines and therapeutics, assist with selection of diagnostic targets, and develop new animal models.

Diagnostic Systems

Manages research on the laboratory diagnosis of biological defense and infectious disease agents; evaluates new diagnostic technologies, develops pilot assays, produces diagnostic reagents, and evaluates candidate assays in field and clinical environments; creates assays to support vaccine and therapeutic development; and provides diagnostic support for the operational force, the Military Health System, and the nation when biothreat agents or pathogens of special concern are suspected.

Molecular Biology

Directs research to understand host-pathogen interactions; uses systems-based omics technologies to analyze biological pathways and underlying disease mechanisms to identify, evaluate, and improve medical countermeasures against biological threat agents; specializes in genomic characterization, outbreak response, metagenomics, population dynamics and transmission chains; performs high-throughput screening and imaging techniques to support drug discovery; and develops compound screening methods using cell lines, organoids, and 3-D cell and tissue printing.


Conducts research in molecular virology, cell biology, immunology, viral virulence factor determination, and viral strain diversity characterization; studies the natural history of disease and pathogenesis in animal models to support FDA licensure requirements; furthers early development of vaccines and therapeutics; develops novel viral vaccine vectors and molecular vaccine delivery methods; and supports discovery of both specific and broad-spectrum medical countermeasures against viral threats.

Last Modified Date: 28-Jul-2023