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Battelle National Biodefense Institute/National Biodefense Analysis & Countermeasures Center (BNBI/NBACC)
Developing the science critical to defend the nation against bioterrorism.

Biological Defense Research Directorate
Researching ways to protect military personnel in the event of a biological attack.

Center for Defense Information
Information on chemical and biological warfare from a national think-tank.

Center for Strategic and International Studies
Home page of a public policy research institution/think-tank that concentrates its efforts in U.S. foreign policy and national security issues.  Includes information on weapons of mass destruction, U.S. domestic preparedness, and international terrorism.

Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD)
Provides state-of-the-art defense capabilities to allow military forces of the United States to operate and successfully complete missions in chemical and biological warfare environments.

Chemical and Biological Weapons Resource Page
The Center for Nonproliferation Studies of the Monterey Institute of International Studies is the world's largest non-government organization devoted to combating the spread of WMD.

Countering the Anthrax Threat
This web site is provided as a public service by the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program Agency.  Discusses why anthrax is a threat, what the anthrax vaccine is, what the vaccine does, the history of anthrax, and presents a facts vs. myths section.

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
DTRA consolidates a variety of disparate, yet related, Department of Defense (DoD) functions to deal more effectively with threats posed by weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Counterproliferation/Chemical and Biological Defense (DATSD(CP/CBD))
Home page of the DATSD(CP/CBD).  Includes summary of activities of the Counterproliferation Support Program, the DoD Chemical and Biological Defense Program, and downloadable versions of reports.

Harvard Sussex Program on CBW Armament and Arms Limitation
The Harvard Sussex Program is an international collaborative program of research and communication to promote the global elimination of chemical and biological weapons (CBW) and to strengthen the constraints against hostile uses of biomedical technologies.

Joint Program Executive Office for CBD
Joint Services single focal point for research, development, acquisition, fielding and life-cycle support of chemical and biological defense equipment and medical countermeasures.